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New York State Spotlight

New York Children's Coverage Data

Children’s Coverage Overview
Total Population: 19,308,200
Population Age 0-18: 4,507,500
Children as % of Total Population: 23%
Children's Coverage
Count Share
Uninsured 278,000 6%
Employer-Sponsored Insurance 2,252,600 50%
Individual-Purchase Insurance 122,500 3%
Medicaid/CHIP 1,829,100 41%
Other Public Insurance NSD

Urban Institute and Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured estimates based on the Census Bureau's March 2012 and 2013 Current Population Survey (CPS: Annual Social and Economic Supplements). Data reflects insurance coverage in 2011-2012. Provided by Kaiser Family Foundation, Data retrieved January 27, 2014.

Medicaid/CHIP Eligible but Uninsured Children
Medicaid/CHIP Children's Participation Rate: 91.7%

Reflects ratio of eligible children (age 0-18) enrolled in Medicaid/CHIP in 2011 to the sum of those children plus uninsured children who are eligible for Medicaid/CHIP in 2011.

Kenney, Genevieve M., Nathaniel Anderson and Victoria Lynch. "Medicaid/CHIP Participation Rates Among Children: An Update." Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, September 2013. Data reflects participation rates in 2011. Available at: . Retrieved January 27, 2014.