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Florida State Spotlight

On the national stage, Governor Rick Scott has played a leading role opposing health reform. Florida spearheaded the multi-state challenge against the constitutionality of the law and has refused federal dollars in support of health reform implementation in Florida. However, in early 2013, the Governor announced his support for expanding Medicaid within the state. The Florida legislature is currently in gridlock on expansion.
What's the Story on Medicaid Expansion?
  • Current Status: Not Moving Forward At This Time
  • Key Info: Although Governor Scott (R) has been a vocal opponent of the ACA, in February 2013 he announced his support for a three-year Medicaid expansion plan. After three years, reauthorization of the expansion would require an evaluation of its effectiveness and continued federal funding support. Additionally, Governor Scott’s support to expand Medicaid was conditioned on federal approval of two Medicaid waivers that would implement statewide Medicaid managed care and managed long-term care. However, Medicaid expansion bills have yet to pass the Republican-controlled Legislature. If Florida were to expand Medicaid, an estimated 1.1 million Florida residents would be newly eligible for the program by 2016.
What's the Story on the Health Insurance Marketplace?
Who's Helping Individuals Enroll?
What Coverage is Available?
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