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Michigan State Spotlight

The Great Lakes State continues to make great strides in health reform under the ACA. Governor Snyder continues to push forward – supporting Medicaid Expansion and the development of a State Partnership Marketplace.
What's the Story on Medicaid Expansion?
  • Current Status: Expanding Medicaid
  • Key Info: In February 2013, Governor Rick Snyder (R) announced his inclusion of Medicaid expansion in the 2014 FY budget recommendation, however the Republican-led legislature did not authorize this proposal and instead passed the budget bill with an option to approve expansion if additional research was done to evaluate long-term sustainability. After deliberations over the summer, an alternative proposal developed by the Legislature was enacted in September 2013. The legislation to expand Medicaid coverage was contingent upon the two federal Medicaid waivers, which CMS approved in December 2013. Through these waivers, Michigan was granted the authority to impose coverage restrictions for individuals between 100-133% FPL covered by Medicaid for more than 4 years, institute cost-sharing requirements, and enroll the expansion and dual eligible populations into Medicaid managed care. An estimated 470,000 Michiganders are expected to be newly eligible under Medicaid expansion. The start date for expansion is April 1, three months later than other expansion states, since the state Senate vote failed to reach the two-thirds majority necessary to give the legislation immediate effect.
What's the Story on the Health Insurance Marketplace?
Who's Helping Individuals Enroll?
What Coverage is Available?
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