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North Carolina State Spotlight

North Carolina has dug its tar heels in on health reform. Newly elected Governor McCrory has opposed state progress toward a Partnership Marketplace and the State has rejected Medicaid expansion for 2014.
What's the Story on Medicaid Expansion?
  • Current Status: Not Moving Forward At This Time
  • Key Info: Governor McCrory (R) announced his opposition to expanding Medicaid during the 2013 legislative session. The Governor argued that he will not expand a “broken system" and insisted that reform must happen prior to considering an expansion. In March 2013, Governor McCrory signed a bill codifying the state’s intent to reject an expansion of Medicaid and requires an expansion of Medicaid to be authorized by the General Assembly. In October 2013, the Governor declined requests that he convene a special legislative session to address Medicaid expansion. If North Carolina were to expand Medicaid, an estimated 478,000 North Carolina residents would be newly eligible for the program by 2016.
What's the Story on the Health Insurance Marketplace?
Who's Helping Individuals Enroll?
What Coverage is Available?
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