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Pennsylvania State Spotlight

The Keystone State has made recent progress in implementing the ACA. While the state has opted to participate in the Federally-facilitated health insurance Marketplace in lieu of establishing a State-based model, Governor Corbett has issued a proposal to expand Medicaid by allowing eligible adults to purchase private health insurance coverage through the state’s Marketplace.
What's the Story on Medicaid Expansion?
  • Current Status: Debate Ongoing
  • Key Info: In September 2013, Governor Corbett (R) announced his plan to purchase private coverage for Medicaid beneficiaries through the state’s Federally-Facilitated Marketplace. The “Healthy Pennsylvania" plan proposes to eliminate most cost-sharing and introduce sliding-scale premiums. The Healthy Pennsylvania Plan 1115 Waiver Application was submitted to HHS on February 19. On March 6, Governor Corbett announced that he would no longer insist that a work-search requirement be included in the state’s reform, which had been one of the most controversial elements of the governor’s plan. Instead, in a one-page letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Corbett suggested a “voluntary, one-year pilot program to positively encourage those who are able to work” by reducing premiums. If Pennsylvania were to expand Medicaid, an estimated 465,000 Pennsylvania residents would be newly eligible for the program by 2016.
What's the Story on the Health Insurance Marketplace?
Who's Helping Individuals Enroll?
What Coverage is Available?
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