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Texas State Spotlight

The Lone Star State was one of the first to opt-out of many of the key provisions of the ACA, but it was not alone in this decision for long. Governor Perry and the Republican-controlled Legislature have consistently said ‘no’ to Medicaid expansion and the development of a State-based Marketplace.
What's the Story on Medicaid Expansion?
  • Current Status: Not Moving Forward At This Time
  • Key Info: In June 2012, Governor Perry (R) announced his opposition to expanding Medicaid. While multiple bills to expand Medicaid were introduced during the 2013 legislative session, they all failed to pass. The introduced Medicaid expansion legislation included a failed attempt to expand Medicaid at the county-by-county level under an 1115 Medicaid Demonstration Waiver. Despite such resistance, Dallas County is championing education and enrollment campaigns and advocating for an expansion of Medicaid. If Texas were to expand Medicaid, an estimated 1,513,000 Texas residents would be newly eligible for the program by 2016.
What's the Story on the Health Insurance Marketplace?
Who's Helping Individuals Enroll?
What Coverage is Available?
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