5 Tips to Finding the Best Summer Camp

5 Tips to Finding the Best Summer Camp

The summer season is almost over and if you did not get a chance to enjoy the summer holidays then you really missed a lot. Ontario summer camps are one of the best places to go if you want to make good use of the summer holiday. These days there are many summer camps that will meet the different needs of your child. However, the challenge of having many options to pick from is that you do not know which the best choice is. This kind of dilemma can totally discourage many parents from sending their kids to any summer camp.

Below we give the best tips that will help you in picking the best summer camp for your child.

1. What Are Your Expectations

Having clear expectations is very important and knowing exactly what you want your child to get at the summer camp can clearly help you in picking the best summer camp. What are the social and educational benefits that you want your child to get? Is there a given set of skill that you want them to learn? Are you giving them a fun holiday treat? Or are you planning to hone a certain skillset that they have? Since most summer camps now have a common mix of indoor and outdoor activities, it is important to match your expectations with what the summer camp is offering. Make sure that your child is equally excited by the activities that are programmed by the summer camp or else it will turn out to be the worst summer camp for him or her.

2. What is the genre?

These days’ summer camps now have themes and genres. These genres are created depending on the different needs of the children who will be attending the summer camps. Below are some of the genres that you will find in summer camps:

  • The traditional summer camps which involve campfires, bunks, archery etc.
  • The academic summer camps. It’s like the fun kind of school.
  • The art summer camps. They are very reliable when it comes to invoking interest in art among children.
  • The adventure summer camp.
  • The athletic summer camps, these are recommended for children who are into sports and want to still enjoy sports in a fun way even though they are not in school.
  • The special needs summer camps.

3. The instructors

Look for the camp instructors whom your kids are most comfortable with. Since you will be leaving them with a stranger for a few hours or days then it is best to pick one whom they are very comfortable and can approach without fear or intimidation. Try and do some research to determine the quality and approaches used by different instructors. Talk to parents whom their children have attended the summer camps before. You can also read the student and parent reviews of the summer camp.

4. Budget

How much are you willing to spend as a parent? Have a budget and stick to it. Only make adjustments when necessary. You do not need to spend a lot of money in a prestigious summer camp while you can have better and more affordable options. If your eyes are set for a particular summer camp then you can look at the different packages they offer and pick the one that best fits your budget.

5. How long is the summer camp?

Well, summer camps can last from hours to days. As a parent, you should consider the time duration that you are comfortable with. Talk to your child and let them decide on the best summer camp duration that fits them. Consider your child’s age since some summer camps have strict age limits with regards to more than an overnight summer camp.

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