Do I Need Jaw Implants? Learn More!

Do I Need Jaw Implants? Learn More!

A jaw implant is a facial plastic surgery that creates a more prominent jaw. It is ideal for individuals who desire definition in their facial feature just like it works with dental implants. Below are some of how the surgery can enhance a person’s appearance and confidence.

1. The Results are Permanent

When a jaw implant is fixed on top of the natural jaw, the aesthetics are not only long-lasting, but they are also permanent. This is because the implants are made of different biocompatible materials, and some of the materials become interlinked with the existing bone in the area. The downside is that the procedure is extensive and it requires an extended healing period but the results are worth it.

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2. An Improved Side View

Most of the patients who undergo this procedure are not happy with their facial features, and that is why they need adjustments. They may feel like their nose is large and the jaw is recessed, or a combination of both and that may make them feel like they have a facial imbalance. When these features are harmonized through jaw implants, their appearance is enhanced especially the side view.

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3. A Refines Jawline

This procedure strengthens the look of the facial feature, and that makes the jaw have an improved appearance. Ultimately, the strengthened jawline significantly enhances the feminity or masculinity of an individual as per their request.

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4. Increased Confidence

Statistics show that no matter how much a person improves internally when their external appearance is restructured according to their desire, they will appear more self-assured. If we consider the biology perspective, the jaw plays a significant role in the attractive of an individual. A man may appear more masculine, and a woman may have a more feminine look. In addition to that, a defined jaw gives an individual a grown-up look.

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5. There are Non-surgical Options

Some patients are not ready to commit to facial surgery, and it could be because of financial constraints or their reasons. There is a nonsurgical procedure that is cheap. This procedure is known as chin augmentation, and it is an excellent introductory procedure. Doctors use cosmetic dermal injections for instance radiesse. The procedure adds volume to the chin, and it can be done while the patient is fully awake. This procedure is not a permanent fix although the results can last for several months. The patients can, therefore, enjoy the results with less financial investments and commitment.

6. It can Suit All Patients

Jaw implants are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Therefore, various patients with different needs can have their customized jaws and enjoy the benefits from the procedure. If you are considering a jaw implant, it is essential to meet up with your doctor and discuss all the possibilities so that they can get you a jaw that suits your face.

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