Story Time: How Dance Lessons Pay Off for Canadian Police Officers
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Story Time: How Dance Lessons Pay Off for Canadian Police Officers

An Ontario Constable has become an internet sensation thanks to the dance classes he received prior to joining the Durham Regional Police Service.

In early February 2017, Constable Jarrod Singh was part of a group of police officers responding to reports of a street fight in Oshawa, a community located on the eastern section of Toronto. Two police cruisers were dispatched to block an urban alley where the alleged physical altercation took place.

Constable Singh saw a group of people surrounding an individual in the center of a circle. His familiarity with modern dance led him to determine that this was not a street fight at all, it was a break dancing battle being performed for the benefit of a film crew.

Once the police officers ascertained that everything was under control, Constable Singh recalled the contemporary dance classes he took at Durham College, where he was part of the dance troupe. The officer then decided to show off his moves and participated in the battle, which was recorded on digital video and uploaded to various social networks.

Dancing Cop Video Goes Viral

There has been a considerable amount of support given to Constable Singh for his decision to be a positive part of the community. As an activity that brings people together in a gregarious fashion, dancing tends to be overlooked.

Constable Singh has been very busy responding to the congratulatory messages of goodwill he has received on Facebook and Instagram.

Dance Trends in Canada

The video of the dancing cop is being welcomed at a time when dance is enjoying greater interest among Canadians. One example that supports this trend is the Maritime Bhangra Group, a crew from Halifax that has been engaged in filming Indian dance routines performed outdoors in the dead of winter. Similar to the video of Constable Singh, the Maritime Bhangra Group videos are turning viral on social networks.

Another interesting dance trend is the North American premier of an interesting ballet performance at the Four Seasons Centre in Toronto. The name of the piece is Genus, and it is inspired by Charles Darwin’s scientific opus The Origin of Species.¬†There is a lot of useful information available at the The School of CCDT website.

The National Ballet of Canada will be the first North American troupe to perform Genus, which has already received accolades in Europe. The choreography lasts 45 minutes and is designed to be very energetic and physically demanding. British choreographer Wayne McGregor is known for his unique dance routines that combine contemporary styles with elements of classical ballet set to certain themes that are not traditionally associated with theater.

Genus will run from March 29 to April 2 at the Four Seasons Centre on Queen Street.

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