How To Paint Your Home Like A Pro In 5 Easy Steps

How To Paint Your Home Like A Pro In 5 Easy Steps

Looking to freshen up and give your home a new and improved look? Interior painting is the ideal trick to achieve this. This is something you can easily do for yourself if you have the skills, time and are looking to save an extra coin. There are however some do’s and don’ts that you must be aware of so as to prevent your project from quickly turning into a nightmare. Below are some of the most important painting tips and techniques for the ideal paint job.

1. Preparing the Surface

This is the first step to a perfect paint job. Ensure that you properly prepare the targeted surface by scrapping, patching, filling holes, cracks, dents and all the surface imperfections that are present. This is one of the hardest steps as it involves a lot of labor but it is worth it. After this, clean the surface with warm water and leave it to dry completely before attempting anything else. This is because no paint regardless of the color or quality will hide the pockmarked and cracked surfaces left out.

2. Primer Coat

Most people tend to skip this important step arguing that the wall had been painted before. The primer helps to give that uniform look when you start painting Toronto. Also, the primer blocks stains from passing through as well as improving the paint adhesion that reduces peeling and blisters.

3. Mix the colors in one large bucket

If you’re using one color that will require numerous cans, it’s advisable that you mix them altogether in one large bucket. The reason behind this is the facts that not all cans that of the same color actually have the same color. This, therefore, can result into an inconsistent and unattractive color in your home.

4. Tape Tricks

Tapes are a must in your home painting project but fewer have the knowhow of using them. There are some skills that will make your work more efficient and professional. For example, once you position your tape in the targeted areas, paint a base coat before the actual paint. This coat seals the tape so that the color won’t run. It is also advisable to lay down the tape several days in advance and remove them immediately after painting.

5. Use an extension pole

There are numerous extension poles that come in different sizes so as to reach those high areas and corners that you want to paint. Always go for the one that have a soft, nonslip grip with a rigid metal core for the perfect job. Plastic handles are more flexible making controlling hard.

With these 5 tips, you can be sure to conduct a perfect interior painting job at home and save that extra buck.

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